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He lies, cheats and fool people and rip them off their money by signing contracts they never honor.

Their main victims are foreigners in Thailand.

Foreigners who do not have much knowledge about the law and the system are easy victims for Kristian Olsen and his wife Kanidtha Olsen.

Either they *** you out of your rental money or they sell you a house but never transfer ownership to the buyer.

Instead they ask for a heavy down payment or deposit, whatever. Once the money is paid they just ignore the buyers.

Some buyers or tenants do go to court but Mr Kristian Olsen just ignore the court and ask his lawyer to “sort it out”…so the victims spend month and years in court but they never get any money out of Kristian Olsen.

Kristian Olsen and his wife Kanidtha are experts conning innocent foreigners in Thailand so be aware.

Please warn your friends and colleagues about this *** artist!

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Bangkok, Krung Thep, Thailand #994203

Dear Mr. Thomas Mehlhorn.

I am sorry that you are still out to "get even"...

Dear Mr.

Thomas Mehlhorn,

I am sorry that you did not want to pay the agreed commission to me when I sold your house. A commission you agreed to by your signature 1 week prior to the sale.

I am also sorry that my lawyer forced you to court and I am sorry that the court ruled in our favour and asked you to pay what you owed us.

I am also sorry that it took us 18 months to get our money from you. And finally I am sorry that everybody in Khanom knew that you cheated us out of money, so you felt you had to relocate to Hua Hin. But this is the past, Thomas Mehlhorn, and I bear no grudge so please stop trying to ruin my reputation with those silly lies, OK?

TO ANYONE OF YOU OUT THERE READING THIS: Please Google my name and you will find NOTHING else... ! This thread is ONLY one man who hates me, because I managed to get my commission from him even he tried to cheat me. Now he is angry and want revenge!

DON´T be fooled, please! Thank you.

to Anonymous #1188426

Warning to potential Thaisunshinedevelopment customers in khanom , Thai Sunshine Developments, herafter called TSD are a real estate and construction company located in Khanom / South West Thailand.They do not follow up their customers.

If they build you a house you have to act as an construction manager yourself. If you complain aboat anything, they will start to harass and thret you.

They use workers that is more interested in whiskey drinking than working. Because of all these drunk worker things have to be redone over and over.

They use the cheapest avaible materials so they can put more money in their own pocket,. The founder and General manager is also deaf’. His wife and Managing director has very bad english skills, so it is almost impossible to comunicate with them/.

The best you and your wallet can do is to not do business with TSD:.

They are also selling land!. Lets say you want to sell your land with a little help from TSD, here is what the are doing’.

You want to sell xm2 of land for 1 million!. They will then put it out in the market for 1?.3 or maybe 1.5 million.

The normal fee for a real estate broker in Thailand is between 3 and 5%, not 30 to 50 as TSD operate with.So again stay away from TSD and the deaf Dane Mr.Kristian Olsen.

to Raptor #1188428

If you are looking for a new home or just land in Khanom, Tha Sala, Sichon, Don Sak, Surat Thani, Nakhon Si Thammarat aerea you should have this warning in mind before sign any purchase contract. Kristian Olsen and his wife Kanidtha Sasen are running about 5 websites where they offer land, houses, bung alows, flats, condos and apartments for sale.

Their consept is to defraud people with little or no knowledgeabout this local market to pay 30 to 50 % more than the market value. In the western world this is called usury price / over pricing. In the western world there are laws to stop this kind of cons. In most of the Asian contrys you have to be aware of the problem and take action to avoid getting defrauded.

Our land was ment to be sold for 1.1 million THB.

Mr. Olsen the General Manager and her wife Kamidtha sasen added another 400.000 in commision.

We have also heard about cases that their comision has doubled the landprice. If you are smart you should follow my advice and stay away from this greedy swindlers.

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